6 months completed!

November 24, 2021

On the 18th and 19th of November, the Tumor-LN-oC consortium met for the M6 meeting in Athens. The meeting closed the first half year of project implementation and served to plan for the months ahead. Overall, the project is well on track: the first 12 deliverables have been submitted and the first milestone was reached. At the first in-person meeting of the project, the consortium composed of 6 SMEs and 5 academic institutions presented their progress and introduced future plans, reviewed prototypes, and jointly worked on solutions for current and upcoming challenges.

Within Tumor-LN-oC, the consortium is developing a tumor-lymph node-on-chip platform that will connect primary surgically removed tumor and lymph node tissues from the same cancer patient and thus serve as a “biological twin” of the patient. This will make it possible to study the interaction of primary tumors with LNs for individual patients and thus monitor the LN metastasis process. This information could in turn lead to novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches. Additionally, the platform will offer a possibility for the parallel testing of drugs for individual cancer lung cancer patients and thus select the best possible treatment option.

Coordinated by Ioanna Zergioti from the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems at the National Technical University of Athens, the consortium is composed of 6 SMEs and 5 Academic institutions from 9 European countries.

We´re looking forward to the next 6 months of the project realization and future achievements!

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