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Tumor-LN-oC proposes the development and validation of a TRL 5 tumor-lymph node-on-chip platform composed of 3D tissue models and microfluidic chips which will connect surgically removed human primary tumors and lymph node tissue (LN) from the same lung cancer patient. This will serve as a “biological twin” of the patient and will allow Tumor-LN-oC consortium to study the interaction of primary tumors with LNs for individual patients. read more
Project Acronym: Tumor-LN-oC
Project full title: Tumor and Lymph Node on Chip for cancer studies
Grant Agreement no.: 953234
Start date: 01/05/2021
End date: 01/04/2025
Duration in months: 48
Project funding: 5,77 M€ requested EU contribution
Funding scheme: Research and Innovation action Lump Sum
Funding programme: Horizon 2020
Call identifier: H2020-NMBP-TR-IND-2020-twostage
Free keywords: Organ on Chip, Lymph Node, Tumor on chip, tumor migration, bioprinting,


The general objective is to generate a Tumor-LN-oC platform that will allow the monitoring of the LN metastasis process, the characterization of signalling ques facilitating LN metastasis and the identification of spectral and molecular signatures in metastasizing cells. This information could lead to novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches. Moreover, the developed platform will serve as a preclinical setting for parallel testing of drugs for individual cancer lung cancer patients. read more

Using sensitive proteomic and molecular approaches it will characterize the soluble signals that neutralize the immune response and allow tumor cells to metastasize to the LNs and to use them as spring boards for further dissemination. This will enable the use of existing drugs, or the development of new ones that could reverse this process and inhibit tumor growth and dissemination. It will also allow the identification of novel biomarkers characterizing metastatic cells which could also be exploited therapeutically. Moreover, by employing novel imaging approaches, Tumor-LN-oC will generate a spectral “fingerprint” of migrating/metastasizing cells which could be used for diagnostic purposes in tumor and lymph node biopsies.


Tumor-LN-oC technologies will provide added value to the EU cancer diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries and lower the barriers associated with the application of OoC technology in disease diagnosis and therapy. read more

Expected impact:

  • Verifiable progress in the application of Organ-on-Chip technologies for in-vitro research
  • Reduction of the need for animal and clinical testing
  • Lowering of barriers for application of Organ-on-Chip technology
  • Improved competitiveness and attractiveness of the European biomedical and healthcare sector
  • Increased awareness and knowledge about medical regulatory policies and requirements, especially by academics and SMEs


Publicly available deliverables, publications, press releases, downloads & gallery available for a view and download. read more

Tumor-LN-oC latest achievements, technical results and scientific outputs will be published in the “Publications” section as well as on the Tumor-LN-oC community on Zenodo.


Project website launch – The document describes the creation of a comprehensive dedicated website for the project. This was be established at the beginning of the project and set up for public access. The website will be actively maintained during the project period.

Dissemination plan – This deliverable outlines the main elements and strategic choices regarding the dissemination and communication activities of the Tumor-LN-oC project towards the most important stakeholder groups.

Dissemination and communication activities -Period A – This deliverable lists the main dissemination and communication activities of the Tumor-LN-oC project from November 2021 to April 2023.


First Press Release – After the project kicked off in May 2021 , the Tumor-LN-oC consortium published the project’s first press release on September 7th, 2021. It contains more information on the launch of the project, as well as its objectives and expected impact.


Factsheet/One-Pager – The factsheet provides general project information, a description of the Tumor-LN-oC ambition and expected impact as well as information on partners and project contacts.

Leaftlet – The leaftlet informs about the project context and its objectives

Project Presentation – The presentation gives an overview over the project consortium and introduces the project objectives, technological modules to be developed and overall concept in more depth, as well as expected results and anticipated impact.


Tumor-LN-oC kick-off meeting, 7 May 2021, Online

Tumor-LN-oC M6 Meeting, 18-19 November 2021, Athens

Tumor-LN-oC M12 Meeting, 12-23.05.2022, Eindhoven


Tumor-LN-oC M18 Meeting, 16-17 November 2022 Athens

Tumor-LN-oC M24 Meeting, 11-12 May 2023, Turku