Tumor-LN-oC M30 Meeting in Neuchâtel

November 16, 2023

We are proud that there has 2.5 years of promising progress in the Tumor-LN-oC project!

Last week, our consortium gathered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland for the M30 project meeting hosted by our local partner, Alpes Lasers, who is pioneering advanced light sources and producing a wide variety of laser sources covering a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum, including innovative quantum cascade lasers.

The Tumor-LN-oC consortium is developing a tumor-lymph node-on chip Organ-on-Chip platform to study the interaction between tumor slices and lymph node cells from the same lung cancer patient. We strive to make Tumor-LN-oC platform a breakthrough innovation in metastasis diagnosis and drug testing in personalized medicine, and thereby make a tangible impact in the fight against cancer.

Tumor-LN-oC brings together experts in cancer biology, microfluidics, photothermal MIP spectroscropy, micro-optics, real time image analysis via deep learning, laser bioprinting as well as regulatory issues, IPR, project management, dissemination and exploitation.

The meeting kicked off with presentations from all consortium partners on their R+D activities and achievements in the last 6 months and progress made toward project goals. Collaborative problem-solving is key in this multidisciplinary project: During informal discussions and agenda sessions, we identified challenges and brainstormed joint innovative solutions. We also agreed on priorities for the next 6 months to guide the project’s trajectory and ensure a strategically planned and coordinated effort towards project objectives and anticipated impact.

During the last 2.5 years, the consortium has worked hard on the development and optimisation of all these modules independently. Now, we’re happy to be making initial progress in the discussions and decision for the integration of these modules into the final OoC platform.

A big thanks to all partners for joining us in Switzerland & online, and of course to Alpes Lasers for hosting the meeting, we’re looking forward to the next six months of collaboration!

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