Wrap-up of 2023 conference season

October 22, 2023

During the 2023 Conference season, Tumor-LN-oC partners were busy presenting their activities and progress in this interdisciplinary project! Among others, we were represented at following events, where the project was presented in the form of posters, oral presentations and exhibition booths.

  • SPIE Photonics West 28.01.-02.02.23 San Francisco, USA (ICCS, PhosPrint)
  • MIT Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW) 2023, 30.-31.03.2023, Athens, Greece (PhosPrint)
  • Anakon 2023, 11.-14.04.2023 (TUW)
  • 3rd Regenerative Medicine Workshop, 01.06.2023, Prague, Czech Republic (AMIRES, PhosPrint)
  • Life at the periphery: mechanobiology of the cell surfacey 12.-15.06.2023, Heidelberg, Germany (AAU)
  • Biochip Berlin, 13.-14.06.2023, Berlin, Germany (ELV)
  • 18th Conference of Anatomical Pathology, 21.-24.06.2023, Volos, Greence (BRFAA)
  • MPS World summit, 26.-30.06.2023, Berlin, Germany (ICCS, ELV)
  • CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2023, 26.-30.06.2023, Munich, Germany (ICCS)
  • 32nd BioCity Symposium: Sculpting Tissues – cells, matrix and forces, 24.-25.08.2023, Turku, Finland (AAU)
  • Next Gen OoC & Organoid Workshop, 24.-25.08.2023, Zürich, Switzerland (ELV, AMIRES)
  • 2nd Cell Communications Research Program Annual Symposium: CellTalks; 27.08.2023, Turku, Finland (AAU)
  • International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICAVS12), 27.08.2023, Krakow, Poland (TUW)
  • 35th European Congress of Pathology, 09.-13.09.2023, Dublin, Ireland (BRFAA)
  • SciX 2023 08.-13.10.2023, Sparks, NV, USA (TUW)
  • The Notch Meeting XII, 01.-05.10.2023, Athens, Greece (AAU)
  • MicroTAS2023 15.-19.10.2023 Katowice, Poland (ELV, TU/e)
  • ESMO Congress 2023 – European Society for Medical Oncology, 20.-24.10.2023, Madrid, Spain (BRFAA)
  • MEDICA/COMPAMED tradefair, 13.-16.11.2023, Düsseldorf, Germany (AMIRES)

To learn more about our partners, check out the dedicated section on our website here.

We hope to meet you at various conferences and events next year – follow our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to stay updated!

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